Words of Wisdom

After 42 years on earth, I’ve been blessed to live a life of “wins” and an equal amount of (if not more) “losses”. Along the way I picked up a few “Words of Wisdom” that I’d like to share with you, along with a few stories. I hope you can relate and enjoy them!

I Hate Endings

I hate endings. I know they’re necessary, but I don’t like them. Endings are a close to a chapter in your life, and often times

The End

For a lot of couples, ending a marriage is horrific for many reasons, but when you add children into the mix, it’s just downright terrifying. I wanted to write about “the end” of my marriage, why I think it failed and the effect it has/had on Kailyn.

The Custody Hand-Off

The custody hand-off is perhaps one of the most difficult moments for a family. It’s not a fun day for either parent. Here’s a few things I’ve observed and learned about the process, how I prepare for it, deal with it and then manage the days alone.