About K and Me Page

For years, I’ve been posting online about my thoughts on being a single dad (or just a dad in general). Then I started posting on divorce, life, love, and work/life balance. I was encouraged to finally start a blog on these topics. FINALLY, I decided to organize my thoughts for others to read, share and contribute. But more importantly, my daughter Kailyn will will someday be able this blog and read my thoughts and words. She’ll hopefully be able to understand about the struggle, triumph and how much I love her. It’s just a way for me to eternalize my thoughts.

I’ve been posting for a few years now and have accumulated over 19,000 views. I’m proud that my words have gotten out to so many people. I hope you can relate to a post or two.

The bulk of this page are blog posts on my thoughts about life and being a single parent from a father’s perspective. To read from my most recent backwards (chronologically), go here.

To check out my work page or learn about my business, visit us at http://WeAreB2g.com.

Please comment on any of the articles you enjoy or just to say hello. I’d love to hear from you!