Perspective is something that’s difficult to see/understand because when you’re “in the moment”, it’s difficult to see your life and experience unbiased. It’s something that

10 Things I Tell Kailyn

Throughout my parenting career, Kailyn and I have had several talks about life, love and happiness. Here are 10 Things I Tell Kailyn that will hopefully serve as “thought-starters”. This isn’t a list of “THINGS YOU SHOULD TELL YOUR KIDS”, because I think those lists I’ve found online take on the “one shoe fits all” mindset. Every family is different as is every child and relationship. Here are some things I say to my K that I’d like to share with you.

Words of Wisdom

After 42 years on earth, I’ve been blessed to live a life of “wins” and an equal amount of (if not more) “losses”. Along the way I picked up a few “Words of Wisdom” that I’d like to share with you, along with a few stories. I hope you can relate and enjoy them!