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Thanks to everyone who’s been following this page and reading my blogs. I’ve now completed 14 with the 15th being posted on Monday. It’s been great to hear from some of you and the feedback has been overwhelming. There have been 10 posts with the most reads.

I thought I’d share links to my post popular blogs incase you missed one. Let me know which one is your favorite. Here are the top 10:

1. The End

For a lot of couples, ending a marriage is horrific for many reasons, but when you add children into the mix, it’s just downright terrifying. I wanted to write about “the end” of my marriage, why I think it failed and the effect it has/had on Kailyn.

2. The Custody Hand-Off

The custody hand-off is perhaps one of the most difficult moments for a family. It’s not a fun day for either parent. Here’s a few things I’ve observed and learned about the process, how I prepare for it, deal with it and then manage the days alone.

3. Father’s Day

Growing up, I never imagined my Father’s Day to be a Single Father’s Day. But I suppose this is a good time to talk about how life just doesn’t always work out the way you planned.

4. The “Funk”

Sometimes life feels like it’s going your way & sometimes it feels like it’s not. But there are times when it’s going your way & you still feel in a “funk”. The following blog outlines some of my darkest days and some of my happiest ones too. I’ve come to appreciate both . . . although I’d prefer the happy ones. 🙂

5. Broken

Everyone knows that divorce can rip families apart. I wanted to talk about how I dealt with feeling broken and picked up the pieces to reinvent myself. I’ve still got a long way to go, but I’m definitely more whole than I was a few years ago. Here’s my story . . .

6. Alone In A Crowded Room

Have you ever felt so alone in the most crowded room? You’re not alone. It’s common and I’ve been there. It’s not a bad place to be, but it can be a lonely place. Here’s how I dealt with it. This is one of my favorites of the Top 10.

7. I Hate Endings

I hate endings and I know they’re necessary, but I don’t like them. Endings are a close to a chapter in your life, and often times you don’t even know when they’re happening. How many times have you said, “I wish I had known this was going to be the last time I _______.”?

8. Words of Wisdom

After 42 years on earth, I’ve been blessed to live a life of “wins” and an equal amount of (if not more) “losses”. Along the way I picked up a few “Words of Wisdom” that I’d like to share with you, along with a few stories. I hope you can relate to all 10 and enjoy them!

9. Life Isn’t Perfect

Life isn’t perfect no matter what image you portray on social media. Preparing Kailyn for a life of imperfection is my main objective. I can’t create a perfect life for her in a world where that doesn’t exist. What I can do is give her the tools to deal with whatever life throws her.

10. Favorite Quotes (Part 1)

Over the 4th of July weekend I put together a quick collection of 10 of my favorite quotes (spoiler alert, I have a TON more). These are some quotes that have resonated with me throughout my life and I’m happy to be sharing them with you. I hope you enjoy!

As always, thank you for letting me write for you and for reading my blog. It’s allowed me self-therapy that I was looking for. I hope you all enjoy these Top 10 Blogs and the others also!

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