Weddings: Till Death Do Us Part

Tonight I stood up in the wedding between my two friends, Paul & Carla. Despite the way my wedding turned out, I LOVE weddings. Will I ever get married again? Probably not. But, I do love a good wedding.

My Wedding Day

I’ll gladly go on record saying that my wedding day was one of the best days of my life. I was talking to someone about why I loved my this day so much, and I explained that it’s an “Un-recreatable-Day”. I don’t think “un-recreatable” is a word, but it’s what I mean.

May 28, 2005 was a day when I gathered with my friends and family under one roof, and had the celebration of a lifetime. There’s no time that I’ll ever have all my friends in one place, at one time again. Not to mention that my father has since passed away, and my ex-wife’s entire side of the family & friends wouldn’t be there, but you know what I mean.

I am most happy when I’m surrounded by my friends and family, and that day I was surrounded by some of my favorite people. Not to mention that my little brother Andrew was the Officiant at our wedding . . . that was something really special.

The Worst Day

Someone once told me that they hoped my wedding day would be the worst day of of my marriage. That was a puzzling statement. They then clarified that they hoped that every day moving forward is better than the last.

That clarification made all the difference.

For me, that didn’t happen. But one of the things I love about weddings is that there’s a chance that this is true for the bride and groom. I can’t remember how many wedding’s I’ve stood up in, but it’s a lot. I’m blessed to have friends who consider me worthy of standing up for them, and it’s an honor to have been asked.

I catch myself with a big smile on my face a lot during the ceremony because I’m looking at two people and hoping that life “works out” for them. I know that the odds are against them, but I wouldn’t be standing up there if I didn’t believe that they had a good chance.

I’ve been saying in all my previous blogs, that I’m a “glass half full” type of person. Being the guy up there with an idiot’s grin on his face during the ceremony proves this to be true.

My Favorite Part

Honestly, my favorite part of the wedding is the father/daughter dance. Tonight as I stood watching Carla dance with her father, I just kept imagining what it was going to be like dancing with Kailyn, should I have the opportunity to do so one day.

I wonder what my first dance song will be? Kailyn says that I need to write one for this occasion. I don’t disagree with her. I wonder what this “yet to be written” composition will sound like.

This is the moment in life I’m looking forward to most.


But, tonight was a great night and I’m tired soo this won’t be a long blog. My friend Sara went with me, and she was the perfect wedding date. She gets along with EVERYONE she meets and is independent. I’m thankful that she was able to join me.

I got to see two of my friends get married. That’s always a good thing. They’re an awesome couple and I think they have what it takes to go the distance. I’m excited for their life long journey, and even more excited to share in their future.

Making Sense Of It All

I often ask myself why I still love weddings. Besides the fact that I LOVED mine, there was obviously a lot of pain that followed. I’ve written a lot about the past chapters of my life, all leading up to my current chapter. I know that had I still been married, I wouldn’t know Paul & Carla like I do now, and wouldn’t have been a part of their day. I know that I’m a better person for knowing them, and that I’m glad I do.

I’m not sure I’ll ever make sense of my marriage, and maybe never truly understand all of the intricacies of why it failed. But I know that I’ll handle that situation much like I handle situations similar to it. I won’t let one bad experience ruin future experiences. That doesn’t mean I won’t have a more clear mind about my own marriage in the future (should that ever occur), but it does mean that I’ll continue to celebrate the marriages of my friends. I’m truly happy for them.

Maybe I’m just hoping that they’ll get to experience the eternal happiness that I so desired. Maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic who can appreciate happiness for others, but can’t figure out the path for himself. I’m not sure.

All I know is that I’m going to bed really happy for Carla & Paul. And that’s good enough for tonight.

Congrats Paul & Carla,
Kailyn’s Dad

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